Educational Consultancy for Ajapa Financial Literacy

  • Client : Ajapa World
  • Sector: Financial Literacy
  • Location : Lagos, NG


a brand that focuses on educating and engaging the young and the young at heart, whilst staying true to the Nigerian culture

The brand originated from the folktales concerning Ijapa – the Wise Tortoise. Ajapaworld does book readings and plays in private schools – Corona, Pinefield, American International School, Children’s International School, Starfield, Greenwood House School amongst others. At Ajapaworld we believe that learning is fun and we pass this message to the children via entertaining stories, activities, lessons, songs, tv shows etc.

Ajapaworld in partnership with UNICEF with the approval of Lagos State Government Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), have started the Ajapaworld Financial Literacy Club in all the public schools in the state.
Mrs Ibiwunmi Akinnola, Child Centre Limited – our Educational Consultant with over 15 years of cognate experience in education administration and management. Mrs Akinnola is mandated to operate the Ajapaworld Financial Literacy Club in all the private schools as well as provide training to the club facilitators for the public schools.


Ajapaworld engages with its audience through the following channels thus far:

  • A vibrant and entertaining website
  • A popular and regularly updated facebook page
  • A current twitter account with an above average followership
  • A double page spread in the centre of the Sunday Punch newspaper.
  • Ajapa plays in schools and art venues.
  • Newsletters to subscribing fans.
  • Videos on youtube of Ajapa events, videos and songs
  • The storybooks in popular book stores
  • The ebooks on various platforms
  • Various Ajapa products including the storybooks, activity books, tshirts, tortoise banks etc.
  • Summer reading challenge
  •  Financial Literacy club

Ajapaworld is continuing to pursue ways in which to communicate with and further engage the Nigerian child. Youngsters will be introduced to the skills required to accumulate savings, practice responsible financial decision-making, and entrepreneurship. Ultimately, this support will help them break out of the cycle of poverty.
We hope that you’ll join Ajapaworld in this exciting effort and take a leadership role in doing something truly good for young people.